Disconnect Yourself / Hollywood Dreamz

by Body In The Thames

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Nemo Halperin
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Nemo Halperin Not many songs capture the essence of an era. Perfectly judged lyrics steeped in irony with a hypnotic pulsing electronic soul. Essential. Favorite track: Disconnect Yourself (radio edit).
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Disconnect Yourself is a skeleton groove of skittery analogue bleeps & bloops, fleshed out with white noise explosions over monotonous drums, crisp handclaps & plastic funk synth riffs all building to a hooligan coda of louche chaos. There are flavours of balearic, echoes of Madchester, hints of post-punk & the faint aroma of Bowie's Fame & Fashion.

But it's the songs lyrical content that really dresses this body in its glowering-glam glad rags; an anti-angsty existential ode to the limits of the human spirit in the adventure of the modern world 'sung' by a disconnected (and possibly unreliable) narrator

"I've got no future /I barely have a past /Head full of memories /But how long will they last?"
"I'm disconnected / Regurgitating words /No depth or feeling /Just repeating what I've heard"

The overall effect is something reminiscent of an LCD Soundsystem or Matthew Dear slowburner fronted by a slighty psycho-killer David Byrne

Disconnect Yourself is backed by 'Hollywood Dreamz (demo)' - a sort of 'Diplo meets Grace Jones at Compass Point with a tune he wants her to do for the Grand Theft Auto soundtrack'
Grace is, at the time of writing, still unreachable


All the way back in April 2013 Tom Robinson at the UK's BBC 6Music radio station played an early version of Disconnect Yourself to his BBC Introducing mixtape listeners describing it as 'a cracker' and 'one of the best songs we've had on BBC introducing for absolutely ages' - sentiments he repeated at the end of the year when he included the track in his 'best of 2013' round up

The song reached a small but appreciative audience with one blog even going as far as putting it at No.6 in their top 200 tracks of 2013.

And so it sat on Soundcloud gathering plaudits from a steady trickle of random passers-by

Nearly two years later and a remastered and reworked edit of the track sees it finally become available on all major digital platforms

Disconnect Yourself/Hollywood Dreamz is released worldwide on Monday, March 2nd 2015 via the following platforms; iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Amazon, WiMP, Deezer & Rhapsody


released March 2, 2015

written, recorded, produced & performed by Body in The Thames in Stockholm, Sweden


all rights reserved



Body In The Thames Sweden

There is a gate beyond the gate of Death,
Beyond the gate of everlasting Life,
Beyond the gates of Heaven and Hell
Whereon but to believe is horror !
Whereon to meditate engendereth
Even in deathless spirits such as I
A tumult in the breath,
A chilling of the inexhaustible blood
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Track Name: Disconnect Yourself (radio edit)

I'm disconnected
A traveller with no road
I talk in cliché
Sometimes I talk in code
Man moves in circles
But lives in tiny little squares
You'll see him laughing
Or maybe tumbling down some stairs

I'm disconnected
Regurgitating words
No sense or meaning
Just repeating what I've heard

I've got no future
I barely have a past
Head full of memories
But how long will they last ?

I'm disconnected
Regurgitating words
No depth or feeling
Just repeating what I've heard

Once there was language
Carved into a stone
Now there is garbage
Streaming through your phone
Breaking up your happy, happy home

There was a problem
They showed it on TV
They stole a country
But it didn't affect me

So I just ... I dunno ... I shrug my shoulders ...try not to worry ...I mean, what's the point ? ... there's not much I can do anyway ... I just disconnect myself
Track Name: Hollywood Dreamz (demo)
Adventure time
Sunset & Vine
We reminisce
On our first kiss
Dumb summer nights
On Lincoln Heights
We burn the gears
We run the lights

Store fronts bleach in the morning sun
The outlaw holds up a loaded gun
The hero lights up another cigarette
The company ain't seen nothing yet

The camera pans
And hand in hand
Beneath the palms
The masses dance
There's you and I
We zoom & cry
Deep in a trance
Of desert skies

A rattlesnake shakes in a forest blaze
A windshield melts in the rush hour haze
A cocktail stirs by an empty pool
As the AC hums a familiar tune

The outlaw holds up his loaded gun
The storefronts flash in the noonday sun
The hero puts out his final cigarette
The company ain't seen nothing yet

I go mad to see you crying
It's so sad but keep on trying
Stay strong, with faith and feeling
One day we'll all be dreaming

Hollywood Dreams
Silvertoned scenes
They're calling your name
In the halls of fame

Hollywood Dreams
Silver-tongued screams
I'll graffiti my name
On the wall of shame

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